Featured Property

  • 0 NEDDO ST
    Whitehall, NY
  • 12 FOURTH AV
    Whitehall, NY
    3 beds | 1 baths
  • 840 COUNTY ROUTE 6
    Dresden, NY
    2 beds | 1 baths
  • 96 GEORGE ST
    Fort Ann, NY
    3 beds | 1 baths
    Whitehall, NY
    4 beds | 2 baths
  • 293 SOUTH BAY RD
    Dresden, NY
    3 beds | 1 baths
  • 98 GEORGE ST
    Fort Ann, NY
    4 beds | 2 baths
  • 4177 COUNTY ROUTE 48
    Argyle, NY
    8 beds | 3 baths
  • 14 MAPLE ST
    Hudson Falls, NY
    $65,000 | 3 baths
    Salem, NY
    Hague, NY
    4 beds | 1 baths
  • 63 ERIC LA
    Argyle, NY
    5 beds | 2 baths
    Whitehall, NY
    4 beds | 2 baths

This Month in Real Estate

Whether you have many horses and are looking to buy a large horse farm or whether you have one or two horses and are looking to buy a smaller horse farm or rural property with acreage, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Are the fences well maintained?  Are the fences wood or wire? Are the posts solid/straight? Are the fence lines straight or sagging? Will they need to be repaired before a horse(s) is turned loose in the pasture?

What about water/water sources?  Is there water to the pastures/paddocks? Are the water hydrants frost free or will you have to carry water in winter? Is there a pond? If so, is it fenced off or is it available and ice free year round?

Is there public water available?   Is there a separate source of water for the barn(s) and pastures and the house or is it a common source? Is it well water or public water? If a well(s), has it ever run dry?

What about manure? Is there currently a manure disposal area or will you have to create one? Or will you have to pay for pick up and disposal of manure?

What is the zoning? Always ask, especially if there are no horses living on the property.

What do the pastures look like? Are they well maintained and weed-free or are they bare/muddy?

Ease of access for trucks and trailers?  Is there sufficient turn-around space for your truck and horse trailer? What about bigger trailers or feed delivery trucks? Are the gates/entry-ways/drive-ways wide enough for these vehicles?

Is there a parking area? Is there room to park your horse trailer(s) and truck in an out-of-the-way area?

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